New CNC Routers from CNC Support Ltd
CNC Dynamics :

A range of CNC Routers and Machining Centres, designed for the demands of modern manufacturing. New CNC machines in stock standard format or customer specific.

CNC Support Ltd offers a range of machining centres directly from stock at our facility in Colne Lancashire.
This is a fast ,reliable and competitive CNC Router designed by our engineers in the UK.

The machines have many standard features which are often not found on much more expensive brands. Standard features are High speed auto toolchange spindles, large capacity vacuum pumps and our high performance Dynamics Plus digital CNC system.

We can custom build the machines around our standard proven format. If you have a specific manufacturing process in mind then we can tailor the machine to your specification.

Do you want an 8 station toolchanger or 24 station? Horizontal edge routing or aggregate options?

Liquid cooled or fan cooled spindles? HSK or ISO toolholding ?

The machine is designed with optimum dynamics for maximum stability and rigidity, balanced with a high speed capability.
The Dynamics Plus CNC brings true digital servo performance contouring and data handling.

The machines are ‘CadCam ready’. The machines can be supplied with a number of different CAM systems or they can fit seamlessly within your existing programming environment.

Our range of new CNC Routers are fully CE marked and have a host of safety features. At the point of order we can identify any further specific safety features and design this into the machines. We can give assistance to the end user on compliance to all relevant safety regulations and directives.
The machines are fully supported by our team of service staff. All our engineers are fully conversant with the product.
We provide full training for operators and programmers and we’re on hand to assist you with integration of the machine into your manufacturing base.
All spare parts required are stocked in house in the UK.
Every machine can be supported online from our Colne service centre.

  • Finance and easy payments
  • Supported by our team of in house technicians and site engineers
  • Machines built to your requirements
  • Backed by our comprehensive warranty
  • High speed HSD auto toolchange spindles
  • High performance Dynamics Plus digital CNC systems
  • Large capacity vacuum systems
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